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January 2009



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Jan. 1st, 2009

New Years

Hung out at Angie's for most of the night. Apparently I am a decent singer. I hit about 90% of the notes on the songs I sang to on rockband. Shots are fun, I love doing shots. I also tried some pot for the first time. It made me dizzy so I'm not really sure how much I like it, but then I was a tad drunk at that point too, so I don't really know which was what. But Angie's friends are fairly cool. Sarah is hopefully going to marry Ryan's brother. That might kind of make her a sister of mine? She would be Angie's sister in law. Kind of an awkward situation, but hey she was a barrel of fun. Got to see a puppy this morning too. I love animals. <3

Dec. 29th, 2008

My phone

Last night my stepmother gave me a hands free thing that she wasn't using. I was excited cause my phone is a big old blackberry and it feels like the 1980s when I press it against my face. Trust me to shove a little bead inside of it as I'm putting the headset thing in.

So it breaks and won't dial out unless I have the hands free in. Its also disconnecting any calls  that I answer on top of it. My dad doesn't have the tools to open the back of it so I had to wait until he came home. Finally he brings the tools and I open the back of the phone.

As i write this my phone is in nine pieces, not counting the screws or the sim card. In order for you to understand just how tucked in the hands free slot is, I am going to walk myself through putting it back together.

To start with I have the motherboardy looking piece which has the roller ball, escape button, hands free slot charger slot and keyboard base on it. I am going to screw it to an otherwise pretty useless silver thing. (Which really only served as one more layer between me and fixing my problem)

Now I snap the screen back on. It kind of looks like my phone has a camera in this naked state. Vestigial, certainly.

Now I put the little plastic keyboard back into place and snap the black cover on.

There is this tricky silver curvy thing that has the escape button cover, but otherwise appears to be just to give it more bulk..and its starting to look like a phone again.

oops! Taking the black cover off cause i forgot a couple of screws. Silly me. These seems to connect the motherboard to the useless silver thing as well.

Okay, screws in, keyboard cover and black cover on again. Back black cover on with six screws, including one hidden under a sticker, which probably means I voided the warrenty but hey, I bought it on ebay anyway, so there was none in the first place.

Sim card, battery, battery cover, and the phone works again. Who's pro, I am.

cough...so by works I meant didn't hang up when i dialed, but when i tried to make a call i realized that it had no sound. Smart me i realized its cause I had bent the hands free thing inside. So I had to undo the whole thing. I also find a use for the silver thing. It holds the battery connector in place. Isn't that lovely. Try number two, coming up next.

Still no sound.

Time for a new phone, folks.

Dec. 27th, 2008


Who's psyched about it? Chrissy is. Its on her ankle. She actually did it, whoooo.

These aren't normal people hours...



Anyway, Merry Christmas. I had an awesome one for the most part. Rocked out on my cousins guitar and my brother came in and hung out with my aunt and cousin and I, which was nice cause he sort of ends up shunning them in the midst of shunning my grandmother (who is the worst kind of drunk.)

My mothers house pissed me off a little bit. There was a big mattress and a couple of boxes in the doorway to my room and a blanket that wasn't mine on my bed. Then mom decided to sleep downstairs, so I went for her bed, and there was only a thin little blanket that I didn't find for a while. Plus her house is the worst kind of dirty. Bugs everywhere etc. Disgusting. So I am spending most of break with my dad and stepmom, which is turning out to be a ton of fun. Sleeping on the couch now (cause its more comfortable and easier than the futon) until after their new years party when we can move the dining room around to get out the air mattress.

On Christmas I went to my aunt and uncles for the big family party. The baby cried every time I held her, but I swear I only pinched her once. My uncle was there, pretty drunk, but I suppose I can't blame him. I mean, you go to jail for gay kid porn then go to Christmas with a bunch of little kids and your family who knows whats up...I'm very torn on the matter of my uncle. I love him, he's my uncle but what he's done is so...I think I am just going to have to wait until its so far in the past that I can get over it better.

After that, my brother and I went to my Dads for Christmas there. Sheila had just finished cooking, so we ate again. (I am so fat!) Then we starting drinking a bit and hanging out. Sheila brought shots to the table of this tasty hazelnut liqueur. Yay for shots that don't make me want to die.

Afterwards, Angie and I went to feed the dogs and cats that she was looking after for Christmas. It took a few hours and it was a ton of fun. I feel so bad for her, Ryan really didn't get her anything super nice for Christmas and she was a little dissappointed, so she complained to Sheila about it and he overheard and is going crazy at her over it now, invading her privacy and everything. I feel so bad for her. But she called me her sister last night, which made me warm down to my toes. When I was growing up I really resented sheila's side to the family. Kaleigh was a huge jerk to me, and I sort of pushed Angie into the same box as her. Joey (my real brother) and I fought like two alpha males, and I just realized last night how much I isolated myself from everyone. It was really nice to feel that sort of sisterly bond with Angie.

Anyway, today, Joey and I are going to his tattoo place and we are setting up appointments. Yes, we. Plural. I am going to get inked. Pi symbol down on my ankle. I'm a little scared, but I've been thinking about this for a while.

Dec. 24th, 2008


I broke the mud. I'm a jerk.

Dec. 23rd, 2008

Dads house

My step mom is on the weight watchers dieting plan. Which is great.

But when I am hungry I want to eat. Salad is nice if I can has steak afterwards. I may need to make my dad drive through someplace to get beef inside of me.

Ar stuff and being home

Well I killed someone else www.invokation.net/logs/view.php but when we fought again I forgot to turn off my training triggers and I blanked on changing weapon styles, so I pretty much got stomped. Didn't log that fight, kind of pissed about it, since he looted most of my items. We'll see if I leave him anything next time.

On a brighter note (ha) I'm home! Next time I drink before flying though, more muffins throughout the whole night. I was kind of sick on touchdown, but flying was otherwise good. My dad picked me up and took me to late night breakfast in a diner. (Which for those of you who don't know are old dining cars that have been converted into restaurants. Really small, and I'm almost certain that all of them are locally owned. A very neat place to eat if you are ever in new england/NY etc). Now we are going Christmas shopping two days before Christmas. Yay fun.

Dec. 21st, 2008


So, I'm really excited about this quest that I helped to write in AR. I did a lot of the work on it, through I don't actually have the power to implement it. Vanisse put it through today and its going to unveil tomorrow, run for a week, then go away, but its fairly neat. It goes through and tells you about the origins of the races of Thera. (On abandoned realms in case anyone reading this doesn't know. (though why you would read my blog and not know AR is beyond me.)) Anyway, I spent a while researching all of the information and I'm fairly psyched about it.

Oh yeah, and I killed someone. www.invokation.net/logs/view.php

Dec. 17th, 2008


I love watching men play instruments that require them to move their hands quickly and accurately, such as the piano or the guitar.

Half the time when people call me for advice at dispatch, I make up something reasonable and because I'm the patch they think its 100% correct.

Sometimes I feel bad about being Nocturnal.

I suppose I can post more later, but thats a start.

When I think or type or say WTF, I really mean what the frick.